Economical Diaper Laundering

Clean White Cotton Diapers

After emptying diapers in washing machine, rinse on a cold cycle. Then wash on a warm or hot cycle. I use a bar of Ivory soap to wash my laundry, rubbing it against a scrub pad under the water to dissolve a small amount. It is the cheapest "detergent" I know, and does not contain harsh chemicals. It can leave a deposit in your drain, especially if you, like us, do the rest of your laundry with cold water. An occasional hot water load should prevent this, however, and if a clog happens, it's not too hard to put your garden hose down there and clear it with a strong flow of water.

To dry them, hang them in the sun until they are almost dry, then pop them in the dryer for a few minutes to finish them off. This will prevent them from getting too stiff, although if it is a warm, windy day, you might not have that problem.

For more tips on natural laundering and stain removal, click on the photo above.

The Diaper Pail

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Your diaper pail can be any plastic container with a tight fitting lid. I use this Sterlite latching utility can, which is available for under $5. Place used diapers in pail until you are ready to launder. After emptying the diapers into the washing machine, spray pail and lid with white vinegar. This will disinfect and keep odors away without the effects of harsh chemicals.